SEVEN YEARS LATER...Hosting has been moved. emblog is removed until I find a suitable replacement. (See my Twitter feed for the time being.) It was also determined long ago that the forum was not needed, so that's out until Inmate and myself actually need one for something.

Site has been long-neglected—it needs to be rewritten in HTML5 soon or the spirits of my ancestors will curse me for eternity. No pressure.

Site Phase 1 is up. Some data is still preliminary, dating back to when I started this project two years ago. (For everyone's sake, it's best not to ask.)
  • Need to see if link borders can be fixed.
  • Need to revamp some markup to allow the alternate color stylesheet.
  • Have yet to add any sort of forum link.
I'll see what I can do in time.

Original date that site was supposed to be open.


Who—or What—is "E. Megas?"

If I knew, wouldn't you think I'd have told you by now? Yeesh.
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